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Letter: Your vote is important

Many of us live in fear that the outcome of the 2016 election could happen again — that against the odds, Donald Trump might end up with a second term. We need to keep working hard in the short time until Nov. 3 to assure that this doesn’t happen.

Trump’s never-ending lies, ignorance, callousness, delusions and conspiracy theories are threatening our national security, fomenting racism, perpetuating climate change and bringing about the unnecessary deaths of thousands due to COVID-19. Trump’s denial of COVID-19’s seriousness has resulted in ongoing job losses and economic impacts.

This isn’t just my opinion — hundreds of experienced and expert individuals, many formerly in the Trump administration, are publicly voicing their concerns about a second Trump term.

Trump apparently has had dictatorial power over all Republicans in the Senate as well, as demonstrated by their unwillingness to challenge anything he has said or done in the last four years. The exception has been Mitt Romney, who stood briefly in opposition during the impeachment hearings and a handful of Senate Republicans who are “squeaking up” at this late date.

Anyone who is not sufficiently subservient to Mr. Trump bears the brunt of his bullying — and worse. A president who cannot tolerate criticism or challenges is a danger to us all. A Senate Republican majority that is too spineless to criticize or challenge such a president is a danger to us all as well.

This Republican Senate has also reversed its hypocritical stance of 2016, when it refused to allow President Obama’s nomination of moderate Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court because they claimed it was too close to the presidential election — at eight months from Election Day. Now, within one week of Election Day, they have voted to appoint hyper conservative Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, allowing one of the most flawed presidents of all time his third Supreme Court appointment.

Trump’s influence extends throughout the election. The race for U.S. House of Representatives in our 3rd Congressional District is basically tied at this time. Please look closely at the records of the two candidates and work to elect the candidate who is most qualified and most likely to represent our district in a responsible and informed way. Your vote is so important.

Diane Brower

Steamboat Springs

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