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Letter: Words have consequences

“Words have consequences“ is an often-quoted saying and true most of the time. But there is a very important caveat rarely, if ever, added.

To whom are the words spoken. This is the missing point that the numerous GOP sycophants have left off in their weak defense of the traitorous POTUS for not voting for impeachment.

No one of sane thinking can argue that what Donald Trump said the morning of Jan. 6 was not provoking violence. To defend it by saying it happens all the time is leaving off a significant qualifier.

When spoken to a crowd of thousands of crazed, armed, armored, screaming “protesters,” urging them that “We will march on Congress to right the wrong,” that’s a completely different ball game. Trump was not speaking to a group of people who just happened by. They were an organized and planned group bent on violent action.

You say “Oh, no.” I say, “Why a gallows? Why machetes and AK47s? And pipe bombs?”

So when GOP representatives try to again lie for the Liar in Chief, they deserve to be ignored. And I understand why they are afraid to come out publicly against Donald Trump. They fear for their’s and their families’ lives. Ignoring that will not fix it.

So that is what U.S. history’s worst and most dangerous POTUS has brought us. It is also why impeachment votes should now be conducted as secret ballots. What shame the Republican party has also brought to America.

They want “kumbaya,” but maybe “goodbye y’all” would be better.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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