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Letter: Where is due process?

“Selfish,” “childish,” “small price to pay.” I can certainly envision a limited situation in which refusal to wear a mask could be viewed in these terms. But today, in Routt County, is not that situation. Regular mask wearing is an assault on individual health, and universal mask wearing lowers the health of the community as a whole.

While masks may offer some minimal protection against immediate viral spread, reduced oxygen intake is harmful to all bodily processes and lowers your immune capacity generally. If you have cancer or are in other ways compromised, the last thing you should do is reduce oxygen availability and invert your body’s natural exhaust system. This taxes the detoxification capacity of your lungs and makes you more susceptible to all potential pathogens. Masking kids for the school day is an atrocity.

The masking policy can be compared to the governmental focus on coronavirus generally. It is unclear whether or not there is a degree of gain in the focus area, but it is abundantly clear that the obvious harms from the policy far outweigh any gain.

In the “over 60” age group most affected by this virus, only about 10% of their deaths have anything to do with Sars-CoV-2. Ninety percent of the deaths in this population result from other health problems. Why do we not care? Why are we ignoring the main reasons these people are dying?

There is an infinite amount of actual knowledge available that could save these people, but instead of educating them so that they may be protected from illness from all causes, governments are wasting your resources, futilely attempting to stop the spread of one pathogen that amounts to only 10% of the actual threat to their health.

This virus will do what it will do, and you will not avoid it by masking. We must believe in and interact with each other and with our natural world. This is not a simple case of teaching your children to be considerate of others.

Raising kids to fear people in their community because they might catch a virus or make another sick just by living is no small price to pay. The Routt County I moved to 30 years ago accepted risk as a part of life, and personal responsibility was a value. It’s time to show our faces again, greet each other and live.

Clare Sibley

Steamboat Springs

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