Letter: We have an open door to gun safety in Routt County

Editor’s note: This letter has been updated to correct the email address for Steamboat Springs City Council.

After the Boulder King Soopers mass shooting in 2021, Gov. Jared Polis signed a gun bill into law reversing a ban that had prohibited local governments from creating their own gun regulations and had prohibited local jurisdictions from creating laws less lenient than the state’s. Thus, local governments can now create their own gun safety regulations. It’s an open door for us. 

We encourage our city councils, mayors and Routt County commissioners to consider the following public health actions:

• Ban the sale of AR-15s and assault-style weapons.

• Ban magazines containing more than 10 rounds.

• Raise the firearm purchasing age from 18 to 21.

• Ban open and concealed guns in hospitals, schools and places of worship except for qualified professional security personnel.

• Require the county sheriff and police chiefs to enforce red-flag laws and all other state gun regulations.

• Create a 10-day waiting period to purchase a firearm.

• Require firearm dealers to post signs outside of their stores explaining the dangers of firearms.

If Routt County adopted these types of measures, it will support the state legislature to do more. Our legislators may see this and acknowledge what the people of Routt County want. 

The door is open. Please take a minute to send an email to our Routt County officials and let them know you support Routt County creating its own gun safety regulations. 

• Hayden mayor at

• Oak Creek mayor

• Steamboat Springs City Council members at

• Routt County Commissioners at

• Yampa mayor at

Mayling Simpson, Terry Audersirk, Betsy Baur, Anne Barounos, Deb Batson, Ben Beall, Millie Beall, Chula Beauregard, Lauren Beversluis, Paula Cooper Black, Richard Boersma, Cathy Boyer, Gary Boyer, Kristin Budge, Sara Rose Buchholz, Eric Button, Jen Button, Zoey Button, Cathy Cantway, Bette Carlson, Sally Claassen, Denise Clark, Sharon Clementson, Valerie Coggia, Hope Cook, Mike Cook, Rosemary Cullinan, Valerie Davia, Kier Delaney, Penny Deihl, Linda Delaney, George Detwiler, Patricia Douglas, Bill Dring, Janet Dring, Celia Dunham, Mary Anne Fairlie, Katherine George, Melissa Hampton, Alex Hebert, Kelsey Hebert, Paul Hebert, Sally Herzog, Karen Hohnstein, Edith Hornik, Barbara Hughes, Mike Hughes, Rosanne Iverson, Frances Jenkins, Nicholas Kaledin, Margaret Kamins, Ann Keating, Charles Keating, Erin Kissane, Amie Knox, Lia Kozatch, Ron Krall, Susan Krall, Caroline Krueger, Charles Kung, Daniel Kung, Karenna Kung, Alison Lambart, Dave Lambeth, Beverly A. Lehrer-Brennan, Liz Leipold, Warren Luce, Marie Matta, Judy McGinnis, Valerie McLarrin-Clark, Annie Meyer, Sue Mizen, Patricia Moon, Pam Morgan, Wallie Morris, Kathy Northcutt, Haley Oliveira, Mardi Oliver, Michelle Osterman, Janet Panebaker, Amanda Perlman, Leah Prestwood, Ken Proper, Anne-Marie Reynolds, Paul Reynolds, Al Rosenthal, Marty Rosenzweig, Vicki Rosenzweig, Keri Rustoi, John Sant’Ambrogio, Ulrich Salzgeber, Janet Salzgeber, Suzy Sayle, Rhonda Schmaedeke, Judy Schwall, Tom Schwall, Emily Seaver, Karen Selden, Danielle Skov, Autumn Sloop, Barbara Sparks, Jim Spillane, Nancy Spillane, Nancy Smith, Peter Smith, Adrienne Southworth, Dancy St John, Arianthe Stettner, Betsy Swartz, Jane Toothaker, Beth Walsh, Rhonda Waneka, M.B. Warner, Craig Wasserman, Kathleen Wasserman, Michelle Wasserman, Jimi Weishaar, Dr. Josh Welch, Ron Wheeler, Jeanne Whiddon, Cindy Wither, Patti Zehner, Tom Zehner and Stephen Zetzer.

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