Letter: Vote ’no’ on Proposition EE

I will be voting no on Proposition EE. HB20-1427, the bill that brought EE to the ballot, was introduced in the final 72 hours of the legislative session and is a $294 million tax hike on Coloradans.

Proponents of the ballot claim EE will fund preschool education; however, there is nothing in the ballot language that commits the Colorado Legislature to spending any funds collected from EE, if passed, on preschool. This is a slush fund for politicians, and voters ultimately will pay the price.

Proposition EE is not the solution to Colorado’s desire to have paid preschool. Advocates of this ballot measure also claim this is a “win-win for the future of our children.” Unfortunately, this is not accurate as Colorado children may never see the benefits of the funds from the ballot measure.

Furthermore, supporters state EE benefits public health. If public health is a top priority to pass this tax hike, 100% of the revenues collected from a tobacco tax should be used to aid in tobacco cessation. However, only a miniscule portion of the funds collected, if passed, will be spent on cessation and the rest will go to the Legislature for unidentified projects.

Proposition EE is a poorly drafted ballot initiative that would give money to the Legislature to spend on unidentified projects. Coloradans deserve to know exactly which programs these tax revenues will fund including a firmer spending timeline to ensure voter money is not being wasted.

Join us in voting “no” on Proposition EE.

Bill and Sharon Artist

Steamboat Springs

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