Letter: Uphold TABOR

Routt County Republicans would like to thank State Rep. Dylan Roberts, D-Avon, for holding a bipartisan townhall with State Sen. Bob Rankin, R-Carbondale, and Routt County constituents. The event was a successful, unmoderated and open exchange of ideas.

The action and issues chair for Routt County Democrats requested the state senators “please do something to get rid of TABOR.” Rankin declined, and Roberts said it would be discussed in the future.

Coloradans recently voted to keep our Taxpayers Bill of Rights intact by a significant margin of 10%. Overturning it would be undemocratic. Nobody wants to hand over their paycheck to the government to spend freely. We all want choice, fairness and accountability when our money is spent by politicians.

We want to be certain the programs they introduce are sustainable and effective.

For example, higher gas prices have hurt rural and disadvantaged Coloradans the most. The pain at the gas pump is obvious, but even food is more expensive because grocery stores rely on truckers. Unfortunately, state Democrats got around TABOR this year by calling gas taxes “fees.”

In their recent transportation bill, SB21-260, they introduced numerous “fees,” including an 8-cent “fee” for every gallon of gas you buy. The stated goal of the bill was to improve roads and bridges, but they packed the bill with other partisan issues. As our cost of living creeps higher, a millionaire filling his vehicle will have to adjust his budget, while the poor don’t have any adjustments left to make. The “fees” will not start until after election season, so the politicians who voted for it won’t receive blame, but voters will get no choice.

It was refreshing to have a night of unity and a chance to present each side’s contrasting ideas. Routt County Republicans would like the county to know that we differ from the Democrats on this position. We wish to honor and uphold the will of the voters and protect their rights. Keep TABOR in place.


Savvy Wolfson

Routt County Republican secretary

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