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Letter: Unity without accountability

Unity without accountability is impossible or, at best, hollow. We cannot expect to move forward without acknowledging where civil society came off the rails. That holds true all the way from the White House to the local level. We live in a republic, and that system only survives on trust and facts.

Right now, trust is some elusive pipe dream and saying “sorry” while continuing to spout falsehoods isn’t going to cut it. Manipulation based on alternative facts caused this to happen.

Fact: Joe Biden won the election. Over 80 lawsuits decided by many judges who were appointed during the last four years said so, and multiple recounts in multiple states affirmed their individual results.

Fact: Everyone has seen their preferred candidate lose an election, and most of us took a day or two to get over the results. Then we hoped for the best from the winner, but not this time.

The White House invited supporters to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6 , promising a “wild time.” They came in droves, the Proud Boys, Boogaloo, every white supremacist group in the country, and wild they were.

The mob attacked the Capitol and Congress, wielding weapons, debilitating sprays and even pipe bombs. They brought death and destruction. “Sorry” and “we love you – now go home” isn’t going to cut it.

It’s fine to say, “this is not who I am”, but that is who some of our neighbors, and sometimes family, are. Over half the country knew lies and manipulation were taking root, and we didn’t fight hard enough to stop the spread. It was too frustrating and upsetting to continue to argue, so we unfriended, blocked, avoided and quit talking. We let the rhetoric scare us off.

Sedition, coup, treason, domestic terrorism are words seldom heard in our shared vocabulary, but now they must be part of the conversation. The FBI has already opened over 200 files, many have been charged, and hundreds have been identified/reported to law enforcement.

There are credible reports of plans to further the violence in the nation’s capitol and state capitols, so it is not over.

Unfortunately, our CD-3 congresswoman is auditioning for a leadership position in the ‘“revolution.”

Those in leadership roles, be they national or local, must stop the rhetoric. There are no such things as alternative facts, and there can be no unity without accountability.

Linda Delaney

Steamboat Springs

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