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Letter: Trump takes credit for record Dow

Trump held a 60-second press conference yesterday to brag about the Dow hitting a record high. If we go back to after his election in 2016 when the market was also hitting new highs, Trump attributed the highs back then to his election.

So to be “fair and consistent” — two character qualities that are missing in Trump’s genetic makeup — President-Elect Biden should deserve the credit for the market’s runup after his election.

Leaving market movements aside, what was truly disgusting was that on the same day that the Dow hit a record high, hospitalizations from COVID-19 here in the U.S. hit a record high as did the number of new infections. Deaths also hit a level not seen since early May.

Not a word of empathy or compassion — two more qualities not in his genetic structure — to the American people regarding the very difficult times that we are all facing.

To be fair, Trump did mention the success of the vaccines. But if anyone out there believes that is why he held this press conference then you are truly in la-la land.

And nothing was said about President-Elect Biden’s victory. Nor the fact that Trump has put the wellbeing and security of our country at risk by his refusing to start the transition in a timely matter. This delay has occurred because Trump is a spiteful and selfish individual — two qualities definitely in his gene pool. But then again it has always been about Trump and not about the people of this country.

That 60 seconds — just one minute — again illustrates why the man is totally unfit to be president of this country.

Lou Coggia

Steamboat Springs

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