Letter: Trump is incapable of telling the truth

We’ve all known for at least four years now, that President Trump will lie about most any subject. The big fear was that he would be unable to tell us the truth even during a national crisis.

Last evening while watching the news, the first story was on election coverage. In it, we saw President Trump tell us that COVID-19 was nearly over. There was light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing to see here folks.

The broadcast then moved on to coverage of COVID-19. There, we watched coverage of hospitals being overrun with new admissions, some setting up new field hospitals to try and handle the onslaught of patients. Our country has had 224,000 deaths from this disease, yet our president still lies to us and says that we shouldn’t let this disease rule our lives. He has even said that media coverage of COVID-19 should be illegal.

How many of these deaths could have been prevented, if only Trump had listened to science and just told us the truth? He is incapable of doing so.

The central theme of every election is to answer this question. Are we better off than we were last election? If we honestly look at our country as a whole, the answer is clearly no.

It is crystal clear now that our president has lied to us so often that most just shrug their shoulders and say, that’s just Trump being Trump. The big question before us now, why is this contest even close? Should we reward a habitual liar and the Republicans who cowardly look the other way, with another term?

The answer to this question should not even be in doubt. Enough is enough of this circus.

Dave Peregoy


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