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Letter: You can’t centrally plan the economy

I recently read an article at SteamboatPilot.com titled “What’s Working …” The article implied Colorado is doing well with its unemployment rate dropping to 3.3% even though it’s still above the pre-pandemic rate of 2.8%. 

Most freedom-loving states have been below their pre-pandemic rate for quite some time. Also, when rating states on performance during the pandemic for schools, death rates and economy, Colorado was rated 36th.  Colorado, the state which was one of the leading growth engines in the country before the pandemic and before the Democrat-controlled state government decided to plan our economy with hundreds of pieces of legislation, is merely around average now. Colorado’s 3.3% rate compares to national rate of 3.5%. Our freedom-loving neighboring states are 2.5% or lower. You can’t centrally plan the economy.

The article also speaks of a state venture capital fund. However, the government does not invest. It takes from productive society (through taxes) and redistributes to its favored investments, which are almost always inefficient. Free market capital will always find good businesses, large and small. Government money will end up propping up inefficient businesses.  You can’t centrally plan the economy.

Always, the favorite topic of Democrats is climate change. We see our local Democrat candidates speak of addressing climate change and want to force productive employees at our local coal plants to find new careers.  Meanwhile, as the left also demonizes oil and gas industry, the rest of the world, including Europe, is turning to coal. It’s seeing a resurgence. 

Eliminating our local coal plants, which are among the cleanest in the world, is minuscule when China has increased coal production in the last two years more than the U.S. produces in total, not to speak of India and others. If climate change is going to be solved, it will come from free market capitalism, not big government. Economic regression never solved anything. We saw that from government’s response to COVID. You can’t centrally plan the economy.

I could go on and on. If you are part of the working class and you continue to vote Democrat you are seriously misguided. They do not have your best interests in mind. Vote for Savvy Wolfson and Matt Solomon. They care about freedom, and realize government centrally planning never works.  Their opponents do not have your best interests in mind nor any real world experience.

Joseph DeFeo

Steamboat Springs

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