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Letter: Where’s the evidence of 2020 election fraud?

While we divide ourselves between viewers of CNN, MSNBC or Fox, one thing we do have in common is that most of us have watched “Law and Order,” the long-running police and courtroom procedural series.

The series ran for 20 years and generated seven spinoffs, so if you watch TV, it is highly likely you’ve seen a few episodes.

I bring this up because there’s an internal structure or theme in the series — one that we should all pay attention to — with what constitutes “evidence” in a court of law. In virtually every episode, the sequence of events is discovery of a crime, the investigation, zeroing in on a suspect, an arrest, charges filed, and the prosecution and defense at trial.

The detectives cast about for clues, eye-witnesses, rumors and they follow hunches and gut feelings.

There is almost always some dynamic tension between the detectives and the prosecuting attorneys, over what constitutes admissible evidence. The cops think they have enough, the prosecutors want more, and the cops go back to work. This plays out almost like a tennis match, until there’s agreement that the cops have the goods and now the prosecution goes to work.

As viewers of “Law and Order,” we all have this basic understanding of evidence: What’s weak, what’s strong and what’s non-existent. All of us need to apply this common understanding to former president Donald Trump and the controversies and investigations swirling around him.

If you agree with Trump that the 2020 election was stolen from him, where’s the evidence? There’s lots of assertions and conspiracy theories, but where is the hard evidence? Some 60 state and federal courts have all ruled that there is no actionable evidence, and despite Trump’s continuous complaints, no one has presented hard evidence. There are probably thousands of Republican lawyers out there, many with prosecutional powers, and all aware that if they can make the case that Trump is right, then their political future is assured.

No one has stepped forward with such evidence.

Yet there is a continued drum beat of news stories out of Congress and Washington, D.C., New York and Georgia about investigations surrounding the Jan. 6 insurrection, Trump business practices and attempted interference in elections. Mountains of evidence are claimed and will be viewed when cases are prosecuted. We will see whether these investigations and prosecutions can make their cases in a court of law.

Brodie Farquhar


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