Letter: What does being ‘woke’ actually mean?

It was with a sense of dismay that I read a letter to the editor on May 24 that attempted to define “wokeism” and what it really means. 

Apparently, there is no such thing as having a different opinion, and if one expresses it, they are “mean, bigoted and racist.” However, someone can be compassionate, understanding and kind without being “woke.”

The complaints by those who make fun or are concerned about “wokeism” stem from the wholesale mentality that there is one truth and that we must align with without discussion or complaint.

I find it humorous the letter’s author invoked the Golden Rule. Perhaps he has redefined that as so many of his ilk have done with other words and phrases. Just so we are on the same page, my understanding of the rule is “Do unto others as they would do unto you.”

How does that fit in with race-based silencing, or cancel culture throughout society, especially at college campuses where freedom of thought was suppose to be encouraged? How about race and sexual quotas in schools and employment? The “white oppressor” narrative which makes young white children feel like they have done something wrong? TV and entertainment venues blacklist comedians for making edgy jokes that were perfectly fine just a few years ago? Social media networks that ban people for not having socially progressive viewpoints? Finally, virtue signaling by brands and entertainment companies in ads, television and movies to make them appear inclusive?

It doesn’t sound like the Golden Rule to me.

Scott Abell

Steamboat Springs

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