Letter: We need to educate our kids, not indoctrinate them

I watched the Club 20 debate for the Colorado House District 26 race. I encourage all to search for the debate on Youtube and watch the contrast between the two candidates.

One of candidate Meghan Lukens’ big talking points in the debate was rising above partisan attacks, but she was partisan, polarizing and could not speak to local issues. Lukens is running on education and the economy. We know what has happened to the economy. Colorado has the highest inflation in the nation. I am especially concerned about some of the comments she made about education before running.

In an email that she sent to Ken Mauldin, Lukens stated: “… teaching Critical Race Theory is an essential part of the social studies curriculum at my school as well as schools throughout Boulder Valley School District. As a human … teaching Critical Race Theory is imperative to dismantling the racism that plagues American society today.”

I grew up in the Denver Metro area and I have lived in the South Routt community for the last five years. We are a kind, loving community and we don’t need a “woke” liberal activist, moving from Boulder, to force this indoctrination on our kids. The parents in Routt, Moffat, Eagle and Rio Blanco counties must be involved in the curriculums that are being taught to our kids.

With a Democrat supermajority in Colorado, our education system is failing. Teacher pay is low. Test scores are low. They run on education, but they have held the power to improve schools in their hands for years.

We need a representative like Savannah Wolfson who is raising kids in our schools. She worked in special ed in her elementary school. She served on her district accountability committee and more. While both candidates prioritize education, Wolfson will prioritize education while making sure our kids receive an education, not an indoctrination.

Bob Suehrstedt


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