Letter: Voting in this year’s election could not be more important

Well, hooray for our democracy, we all have received our ballots. It’s just a runty little midterm, but it could hardly be more important.

Our country has gotten itself into a real crisis of division, so if your vote in an election ever counted it’s this time. Each side has its reasons to spend tons of money and waste tons of paper while annoying you for your vote.

One side is against fair taxation and making more livable the existences of most citizens locally, statewide and as a nation. One side would rather a woman carry an unwanted child into a world where, once it’s born, it is pretty much forgotten when the time comes to help raise it into a decent adult, if it even gets there amid all the violence. One side has denied the existence of human-caused climate change until it is darn near too close to survive it unless you have the means to move away from rising sea levels or expanding deserts. I could go on but I’m trying not to be negative.

Of course, anyone is welcome to vote for that side and hope that, if they win the election, the losing side will take it like a human and concede with grace and a “good luck” because that is how democracy works. It’s the only way it works, and my side knows it. It is also the side of scientific truth, social justice, fairness in taxation and liberty in our personal lives. And my side is well-represented in this year’s local, state and national races with tons of proven leadership, experience and compassion.

It’s a big, big year for democracy. In a democracy, voters get to rule. Vote now because your vote may never be this important or effective because of measures being taken to dilute or discount votes.  My side has the word “democracy” in its name. Thanks for voting.

Pam Pierce

Steamboat Springs

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