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Letter: There’s a great disparity in teacher pay across Routt County

Teachers develop the minds of students. They’re the reason that children go into society as educated adults. However, despite their incredible importance, they’re not treated equally within our county.

Teachers in Steamboat Springs are paid a far higher salary than those of Hayden and Soroco. While it is important to note that Steamboat Springs has more students and more teachers for each subject, it’s also important to realize that Soroco and Hayden teachers not only teach multiple classes but also multiple subjects, giving more of a reason for them to be paid equally.

Teachers in Soroco with a bachelor’s degree and six years of experience are paid $43,130, Hayden teachers are paid $50,410, and Steamboat Springs teachers with the same criteria are paid $60,349. In Soroco, teachers with their masters are paid $53,589 with 15 years of experience, Hayden teachers are paid $69,781 and in Steamboat Springs the same teacher would be paid $81,238.

Teachers at Soroco with their Ph.D. and 25 years of experience would be paid $70,038 and Steamboat Springs teachers would be paid $108,903 annually (Hayden information was not available). In comparison, a teacher with a Ph.D. in Steamboat is paid more than the maximum salary of the Soroco principal at $105,095. The difference is unreasonable, as all teachers are equally important and should be paid equally.

The schools themselves don’t even receive equal funding. Why does the location of our students and schools determine the pay of our teachers? Why aren’t Routt County teachers all paid equally when it is what would be in the best interest of all the Routt County students and teachers?

Rachelle Dudley


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