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Letter: The US is on a positive trajectory under President Biden

Thanks, John Spezia, for your letter (with facts) in the Dec. 8 edition of Steamboat Pilot & Today about how “Biden isn’t responsible for rapid inflation.”

It’s important to pay attention to all the news data and not draw conclusions from just one news headline. There is always so much more to the story.

As a “News Nerd,” I keep informed on as many aspects of news and hear from as many reputable sources as possible (Facebook is not one of these). I listen to NPR, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, Wall Street and any other sources I have time for. I compare their facts and editorials, and then research some of their “facts.”

Lately, I am discouraged by all news media portrayal of a world that is collapsing culturally and financially. This goes for the right as well as left media. The news stories rely heavily on the bad news and rarely mention the good news. But there is more to the whole story.

Yes, there is high inflation, a small degree caused by Biden’s heavy spending to rescue the country from the pandemic damage. But so much more of the inflation is other factors. Biden had no control over the COVID-19 lockdowns (those were state and city mandates), resulting in pent-up demand.

Biden carries no fault for the massive supply chain backup, largely due to COVID-19 illnesses, lockdowns and employee shortages. Biden has little influence over OPEC’s strangle on the world prices of oil, just as Trump could not influence our coal economy and save it as he promised. These are all controlled by world markets, not one president.

It is the job of a good leader to navigate our country through all of the events that are thrown at him during his presidency. So far, Biden’s policies have led us to a manageable pandemic, with vaccines and protocols, compared with other countries.

Businesses all over the country report record earnings and the lowest unemployment rate in over 50 years. We may see the highest GDP in our history. Wages are at highest growth in 15 years, and minimum wages are moving up toward $15 per hour for the first increase in 12 years. These are all good things, as are so many other news events when viewed in historical context.

Inflation is a natural result of so many Americans having so much more to spend, if you just understand basic Economics 101. I think Biden deserves more credit than the media is giving him for navigating through a historically challenging time with a pandemic. Wake up, Americans, and pay attention to facts, not just opinions. This country is on an amazing positive trajectory.

Lori Russell

Steamboat Springs

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