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Letter: The Rainbows bring the rain

Letter to the editor

There is a saying about the Rainbow Family that “the Rainbows bring the rain.” And indeed, this spring, we have had significant rain and snow, more than many recent springs in this area. 

In one of the recent Rainbow Gatherings I have been to, right after making a significant decision of where to go the following year, there was a beautiful rainbow that appeared. People then made some comments about how there are often rainbows at Rainbow Gatherings, either on the Fourth of July or during the counsel times (counsel not council as Rainbow likes to call it, a process of gathering wisdom and thoughts to make good decisions as opposed to merely going by positional authority). I was completely surprised as I was just beginning to understand the positive role that Rainbow Gatherings, though they are not perfect, can bring to the world.

In my own work in the area of cultural reconciliation, as I have sought to apply it here to Steamboat over the last few years, I have seen it rain significantly after certain significant events. 

I believe that the Rainbow Family brings a heart for paying attention to things of the heart, creative free thinking and getting outside of modern Western boxes that we have sometimes unknowingly fallen into that the atmosphere, even spiritual and environmental atmosphere, likes and at times desires to bless with rain. 

We seemed to have much more minimal snowfall over the winter, although the snow was slower to melt than some years, which helped keep it through the end of the winter. Perhaps the increasing prices of much in town over the winter, in particular to do with the prices at the ski area, are not something the atmosphere desires to bless as much.

In all the various thoughts in thinking about the Rainbow Gathering, I believe it is significant to consider this idea as well. Last summer we had fires that were close to Steamboat, the closest I had ever seen in my 12 years of living here. And the summer before we had fires that were further away. Fires could potentially bring more environmental impact than a Rainbow Gathering.

Angela Gamble

Steamboat Springs

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