Letter: The country needs younger candidates

That guy in Cincinnati who was killed in August was just trying to repair the roof of the FBI building. Why else would he have a nail gun? Clearly, he was only carrying an AR-15 for self-defense. And they killed the innocent guy!

Does that sound outrageous? I should hope so! But conspiracy theories seem to be the MO of too many politicians today. Politics in this country has become digital rather than analog. Everything is either black or white, nothing is shades of grey. Can it possibly be that either party is perfect and the other is an absolute villainous? Casting blame for problems is politically superior to fixing them. Don’t politicians have solutions for anything?

Both sides seem to agree that America is extremely divided. Rather than try to heal the divisions, they try to exploit them in an attempt to gain ground against the other. Wouldn’t it be better to rule by finding common ground? 

The Founding Fathers were very concerned about majorities dominating the little guy, hence the Great Compromise protecting small states from big ones. The same protections were intended to apply to everyone. They realized you can’t just cram stuff down people’s throats if they don’t agree with you. Finding middle ground, compromise and acceptance of ideas was the objective. Brilliant, really.

I submit that both parties selected terrible candidates in the last two elections. Trump won the 2016 nomination with less than 50% of the GOP vote in a ridiculous race with 17 candidates diluting the field. Now, he’s gone on to dominate the party. Clearly, Biden and Trump will never agree on anything — except that both claim the other is too old for the job. 

Let’s move past these octagenarians and select someone new and younger.  Let’s get great candidates for both parties, so that even if our preferred candidate loses, we won’t feel like America is doomed to failure.

Bill Heller


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