Letter: Strict punishment for shooters will prevent shootings, not gun laws

The problem with shootings is that nothing really substantial ever happens to the shooter. I think to address the problem of shootings, we must first do something that severely affects the shooter.

In my opinion, there is only one way to slow or stop these shootings. That is to make a law with punishments so severe and so immediate that criminals will actually think before using a gun. To accomplish this, the law must read as follows.

If any person (man, woman, child) uses any gun (machine gun, AR-15, BB gun or plastic toy gun) to commit any crime (mass murder or stealing a stick of gum), that person, upon conviction, shall receive a mandatory death sentence, to be carried out within 30 days of conviction. No more sitting in prison for 25-plus years while the lawyers get rich arguing a case that has already been decided.

All trials for these gun crimes will be limited to 6 months maximum from the date of indictment. That and only that will end these shootings. No amount of gun laws will do any good at all. California and Chicago are proof of this. They both have the strictest gun laws in the country.

Some will say that such a law is barbaric. To these people, I say that the only barbarian here is the shooter. Some will say that such a law is a violation of the Eighth Amendment. And perhaps they are correct. But to these people, I say that the shooter that has brought such punishment upon him or herself, that it is not only a correct action, but very well deserved.

It is much more correct to punish a person that has actually broken the law, and done terrific harm to other people, than to punish an honest law-abiding firearms owner who has never used a firearm against another person.

I do indeed understand everyone’s desire to end these senseless shootings. I want them to stop as well. Every time there is a shooting the people and politicians want to accuse and cause me harm when I have harmed no one. Ninety percent of the firearms I own are antique, collectable firearms that I do not shoot.
This is why I believe it is the fair and just action to punish the shooter. Thank you all for reading my opinion.

Allen Hischke


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