Letter: STR owners have failed to put the community first

In response to the issue of short-term rental owners and the approach of current leadership in dealing with this problem, I am compelled to add that as long as short-term renters refuse to, or simply cannot, put the needs of the community before their own bottom lines, it is the responsibility of the community and its leadership to do it for them.

I have experienced firsthand the obtuse, or outright selfish, approach of these short-term rental owners. For my experience, they care nothing beyond their own bottom line.

“My renters ruin your experience?” Meh, not my problem. “There is no affordable housing?” Meh, not my problem.

One short-term rental owner I encountered stated that he didn’t want affordable housing because of the people it would attract.

As long as this is the prevailing sentiment among short-term owners, there is nothing left for the community to do but legislate the issue and put the community first.

As for the forced recusal of a council member, one letter to the editor stated this was “un-American.” GOOD!

America has too many people in power that are making decisions that affect everyone based on their own financial interests. Put the community first and save our county and city.

Mike Day

Steamboat Springs

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