Letter: Savannah Wolfson will fight for District 26 in Colorado House

Colorado House of Representatives District 26 deserves a candidate that understands the needs of Colorado, especially relevant to today’s pressing issues of funding for schools and parents being empowered in their child’s education, scarcity of child care, criminal recidivism and agricultural rights.

As a mother and concerned citizen who loves her country and state, I strongly recommend Savannah Wolfson as the candidate who will sincerely and courageously fight for the good of Colorado and District 26. As a homeschool mom and invested resident and small farmer, she truly is the only candidate that is passionate enough to fight for affordable gas, groceries, housing and child care.

Savannah will fight for agricultural rights including energy and water as she stood up for all of these industries before running. And she is the only candidate that understands the wolf issue.

Savannah is much more than “charisma” as she holds a solid plan to increase child care so families will not be prevented from working. Due to her homeschooling and experience with a child in public school, she is uniquely situated to passionately fight for improvement in education, making sure we steward our public schools well. Democrats repeatedly choose to fund their pet projects out of the general fund, thereby neglecting the direction of funds to improve education and leaving schools underfunded.

Savanna is passionate about safety as she experienced the violent result of a criminal’s early release in her neighborhood. She is prepared to fight against repeatedly giving violent criminals bonds and letting them out in order to victimize again.

Growing up in California and moving to Colorado after 52 years, I can tell you that many of the liberal policies that have negatively impacted California are being brought to Colorado and the end result is chaos from small towns to cities, public schools and our children’s mental health and safety. Savannah is the candidate to prevent this and work toward flourishing communities.

We need a representative who has a track record of fighting for these issues, and Savanna has proven that she is the candidate to protect and steer District 26 in the right direction.

Carla Erland

Steamboat Springs

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