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Letter: Savannah Wolfson knows Colorado House District 26

My least favorite part about politics (probably yours too) is engaging my personal time to make an educated decision in the upcoming election, only to find myself listening to a pair of nincompoops debate over nothing and avoid discussing the issues that actually matter to their potential constituents. Then, we’re left only to observe the prevailing nincompoop “serve” in public office — or serve their own needs and advancements at least.

Sometimes, as voters we are fortunate enough to have candidates mention major issues at the top of mind, then only to be disappointed with the use of party-line talking points or buzz words that provide no reassurance that said candidate actually gives a you know what about your problems.

I have never volunteered my time on local campaigns until I met Savannah Wolfson. She took two hours out of her Saturday to buy me a coffee and get to know me and, better yet, understand my common struggles as a working-class citizen in Routt County. She understands Colorado House District 26 from the ground up, not the top down. Savvy will refuse to support short sighted policies that hemorrhage local economies and tear into the daily expenses of citizens like me. 

The Colorado House needs balance. Just take a look at the short-sighted bills coming out of the golden dome in Denver. Similar to Meghan Lukens’ talking points, their titles roll off the tongue smooth and satiate the demands of activists, but at the end of the day hurt the middle and lower class. Nothing but buzz words that culminate into damaging policy that makes living far too expensive for this public-school teacher and someone who is trying to start a small agricultural business. 

Reece Melton


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