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Letter: Routt County lacks diversity of thought

I read many of the Pilot letters and also this so-called guest commentary from the Democrat Party. Sometimes I cringe and sometimes I laugh at the lack of common sense or financial acumen.

First, there is no such thing as “government investment.” Governments take from productive society (in the form of taxes) and redistribute to other causes. These redistributions are almost always very inefficient. Government is constricted by only looking to the past. Productive society (the free market and businesses) are always looking to the future to improve ideas or create new ones that improve our lives. And, yes earn a profit from it.

The less we are taxed, the more our lives and society gets to progress. You may want to “tax the rich” more, but excess wealth does not sit idle. It is constantly looking for better opportunities. Passing bills in Colorado government is not an accomplishment. When I moved to Steamboat about five years ago, the state was ranked as one of the top five growth engines of the U.S. economy.

Since Democrats have taken more charge of the state, there has been nothing but regression. The state ranked No. 36 in its response to the pandemic. This takes into account lives lost, handling of schools and the economy. More laws passed more regression. Economic regression has never solved any problem, health or otherwise.

Many would like to blame the pandemic. Wrong! It was government response to the pandemic. We have a mental health crisis among young people and the highest inflation in most people’s lifetime, to name just a few of the major issues today. The free market around the world created an excellent global supply chain, which kept prices very low. Government, including locally and at this state level, went and broke it with unnecessary lockdowns. Americans are the most productive entrepreneurial people in the world. We don’t need government to define how to keep us safe.

In Routt County and Steamboat, there is no diversity of the most important kind — diversity of thought. The Democrats in charge and the ones who constantly write in to the paper are very good at placing the blame on others. People from Texas, second homeowners, short-term rental property owners. Start looking in the mirror. It is your government that causes these problems, and you think they will fix them? Vote for change!

Joseph DeFeo

Steamboat Springs

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