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Letter: Resistance to COVID vaccines astonishes me

Letter to the editor

I continue to be completely amazed at the resistance from anti-vaxxers to the COVID-19 vaccine and the right media and politicians still pushing the narrative that somehow this is our corrupt government trying to impose tyranny and control everyone’s lives, as well as the outrageous other conspiracy theories around this administration and various agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Since when did our governing agencies become weapons of tyranny? These regulation agencies, including all offices of government, are products of our country’s voting electorate — you and me. If you don’t agree with the laws we have enacted to protect all of us, then you should run for office to see if you get enough support to change laws you think are tyrannical.

The folks at the CDC are the same good people who helped wipe out polio, typhoid, whooping cough, measles, rubella and hundreds more. They helped establish protocols and policies like vaccine mandates for all schools, military and other public places for the benefit and safety of all of us.

Would you really want your child sitting next to a student with whooping cough or polio? You don’t have to worry about that because all children are required to have those vaccines by policies we all helped establish. So how is COVID-19 different to those of you who still refuse to vaccinate?

Think of it like auto insurance, required by all who drive a car. Is that government over-reach and tyranny? Do you want to drive these roads thinking that half of drivers could choose not to carry insurance and not pay for injuring you in an accident?

Mostly, I feel for the medical industry, who all plea for some relief, working double time, with the number of unvaccinated people taking up hospital beds, endangering those with other medical issues.

The facts are clear: Almost all cases of serious illness and death are among the unvaccinated. On average, 1-2% of cases will result in death. I think it’s time for all hospitals to start a new policy: When you refuse our mandates, you cannot demand use of our facilities. When you show up at a hospital, if you are not vaccinated, “Sorry we don’t have the resources to care for you. Please go home to your bed and your family and take care of yourself.”

Lori Russell

Steamboat Springs

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