Letter: Numbed by negative mailers? Look for the facts

Dead bunnies, skull and crossbones, many of us independent voters are being bombarded with nasty, negative and untrue mailers. It’s enough to make the average voter not want to vote for anyone and not believe anything. But hold on.

Democracy is a messy business and we have critical issues at stake: like our climate (winter snowpack for recreation, essential warm season water for our agriculture), energy, reproductive freedom, healthy and vibrant agricultural and recreation lands, water, public lands and so much more. Do you want someone else to speak for you? Let’s make sure our voice is heard on those who represent us, based on facts — not nasty mailers.

Among many important races in Colorado this year is a newly drawn Senate district that covers several counties including ours on the Western Slope. Our current Representative in the Colorado Legislature, Dylan Roberts, one of the youngest members, has had some pretty remarkable success introducing — and getting passage of — his bills by working across the aisle. He takes a bipartisan focus on the issues and solutions: What a breath of fresh air in these divisive times. 

He introduced 34 bills this year and had 30 of them pass. All of his bills that passed had bipartisan support. That’s pretty incredible. At his young age, he is or has been chairman of two important committees: Business Affairs and Labor and Affordable Housing.

With 61 total town halls in his four-year career, he’s already held six town hall meetings this year — giving his constituents a chance to hear and be heard. His bills, which passed help reduce the price of gas, help expand child care, help coal-based communities transition to more diverse economies for more jobs, and expands the number of health care professionals in our state’s most rural communities. 

Dylan Roberts is a young man who is originally from the Western Slope, has a young family and is dedicated with his time and integrity to improving the lives of Western Slope families and businesses. I hope you’ll join me as you consider his candidacy to keep on getting this work done and working across the aisle. Integrity and bipartisan collaboration is on the ballot, and Dylan Roberts has a solid track record on both. 

Deirdre Macnab

Steamboat Springs

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