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Letter: Money in your mailbox a result of TABOR

As a Colorado taxpayer, you will get a $750 check in the mail this month. This check came to you because of a special law.

The Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, aka TABOR, says the people get to vote on tax increases. They get to decide if a project is worthwhile or not. Then, all surplus taxes are returned to the taxpayers in the form of TABOR refund checks.

In a world of greedy leaders, TABOR gives a slice of power back to the people. Any politician opposing TABOR is exactly that — a politician. They are not a public servant who believes in upholding the people’s will.

Our state budget is now well over $30 billion. Funding essentials, like fixing roads, comes down to priorities. For example, we do not need to raise taxes to fund education, even though the Democrats run on “fixing TABOR” and raising teacher pay every election cycle.

The fact is, they have held a supermajority in Colorado for years now. They single-handedly held the power to raise teacher pay. They chose, instead, to fund their pet projects.

Let’s take a look at the Colorado Democrats’ position on taxation, as listed in the 2022 Colorado Democratic Party Platform.

  1. Repeal the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights.

2. Implement progressive and uniform taxation on all forms of income and wealth at both the State and Federal level. (Notice “income and wealth.” You’re taxed multiple times for the same money earned, because you’re taxed when you earn it, when you spend it, and annually for still owning the items you bought.)

3. Implement progressive estate taxes on the wealthiest Americans. (Tax the rich.)

Why, then, are we suddenly inundated with positive messaging from the Dems on those wonderful $750 checks? They are bragging that they are giving you the “Colorado Cashback!” They even rushed the checks out before the election, taking credit for TABOR to try to buy your votes. You won’t be fooled. You will look at track records and policy positions in November. If you want your check, low taxes, affordability and a choice in how your money is spent, you will vote accordingly.

Savannah Wolfson

Oak Creek

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