Letter: I cannot support state-sponsored violence in Israel

It is disappointing to see Har Mischpacha take a stance in support of the Israeli government’s offensive in Palestine, and furthermore to “implore” the community of Steamboat to do the same. It comes off as a carte blanche approval of state violence. Why am I, and the community of Steamboat, being implored to support the violence of a foreign government? I am happy to support my Jewish neighbors and friends. I will not, under no uncertain terms, support the violence being perpetuated by the state of Israel. To call this “antisemitic” is shallow and baseless.

To conflate these two things, as if we cannot both stand for the Jewish community in Steamboat and against state violence, is drawing a pointless line in the sand.

We can both be respectful of our religious and ethnic backgrounds and simultaneously call out genocide where it exists. With respect to the lives lost in Israel on Oct. 7, supporting adding 10,000-plus graves from “the other side” does not aid the situation. To call on our small mountain community to support the cry of this battle drum is brazen. Are the billions of dollars in missiles, bombs and jets the U.S. government sends to Israel not enough? You want me to smile and clap while the IDF looses Hellfire missiles on largely innocent people too?

I support everyone seeking peace through God in our small community. Decrying the violence perpetuated by the state of Israel can be congruent with supporting the Jewish people in Steamboat. Now and forever, I will stand with people of all colors, creeds and kinds. And to do so, I will continue to stand against imperialist violence.

Marko Anderson
Steamboat Springs

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