Letter: Gun control, reproductive rights will be driving forces in casting my ballot

I’ve rarely voted in primaries, but primaries are the most important way to have our voice heard. Those who win primaries and general elections go on to pass the laws in Washington.

There aren’t many issues I’m adamant about, but this year two issues compel me to vote: gun legislation and abortion rights.

Regardless of your emotional stance on these or any issues, there are always multiple opinions on the right way to move our country. Throughout history many controversial, divisive platforms have challenged our leaders to keep the peace among voters, like emancipation of slavery, voting rights for women, integrated schooling and so many more. And each time, policy is established by the voters. We all want our way to win, we all get a chance to vote and in our democracy, the majority wins and sets policy.

I’m adamantly in favor of a woman’s right to her privacy, and the right to choose, which is now being beaten down by a surprising minority of Republican legislators.

Also, I’m strongly in favor of many gun regulations. Gun lobbies insist that restricting guns won’t reduce gun deaths, but thousands of studies show that more restrictive gun ownership results in fewer gun deaths and far fewer mass shootings. I believe in the facts. We need to pass laws to ban assault weapons, have strict background checks at the very least.

If you agree, as do 88% of Americans, but feel Congress is doing nothing about it, that is because our votes have elected congressmen and senators who continue to block legislation due to Republicans who favor no gun restrictions and total restrictions on abortion.

It starts at the primaries this June 29. You can google “vote Colorado” with any questions on candidates and voting.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, the Republican incumbent for 3rd District, will vote against any gun laws and is being challenged by a moderate Republican, Don Coram, who may be open to gun legislation. The three Democrats running in the primary will each vote in favor of gun laws and the right to choose.

In the 2nd District (Routt County), Rep. Joe Neguse is a brilliant Democrat incumbent likely to carry Routt. He will vote in favor of some gun regulations.

Michael Bennett is the Democrat running for senator, and he supports gun control and the right to choose.

Voters, the issues are in your hands.

Lora Russell

Steamboat Springs

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