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Letter: Group’s efforts are eroding Steamboat, not preserving it

As a full-time resident of Steamboat Springs and a registered voter I, like a lot of people, voted in the last City Council election. Candidates campaigned and educated us on their positions on specific issues and everyone cast their vote with candidates elected fairly in a democratic process.

In casting our vote, we entrusted in them the responsibility to perform the duties they are elected to regardless of the policies they decide as a group to put in place. That is our democratic process at a city, state, and federal level.

Now, a special interest group that did not like the outcome of this democratic process wants to overturn the results of the election and work to put in City Council members favorable to their cause. They are essentially telling all of us who voted that our vote did not count, because they don’t happen to like what the people elected are doing.

Not only that, but then they want the community to pay for another election with our tax dollars just like they want the citizens of Steamboat to pay an increased sales tax, which will further strain full-time residents dealing with high housing costs, child care costs, gas and food prices. Then, on top of invalidating my previous vote, they want to deny me the right to vote on whether we have an STR tax or not.

Apparently, this special interest group does not support the community making decisions in a fair and open democratic process, unless of course they get their way. Then this group has the gall to insult our intelligence and call themselves a “Community Preservation Alliance.” Increasing the number of STRs, ignoring the community voice for regulation of STRs through their council vote, denying a viable source of revenue for more affordable housing, and increasing the sales tax burden on citizens is not “preserving the community.”

It would be more accurate to call themselves the “Eroding Our Community Alliance.” Denying votes, bullying, and suing — I think we have seen this playbook before and thankfully that effort was thwarted. I hope this one can be too.

Mike Koponen

Steamboat Springs

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