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Letter: GOP legislators cow-tail to Trump at nation’s peril

Most people have no idea the height of most GOP legislators. That is because most of them are rarely seen standing upright. They are usually on their knees, sometimes on hands and knees, kissing the feet, or other body parts, of the only twice impeached ex-POTUS. This happens despite what most of them think and say about him in private. How is one capable of that to the most lying, biggest racist, most misogynistic, worst English-speaking, crookedest and most egotistical person ever to have the office of president?

The answer is simple. Although very few have much regard for him as our country’s leader, they see him, because of the number of his cult followers, as very influential to their political lives. Staying in office, receiving the usual bags of cash from lobbyists, overlooking the harm that he has done to America nationally and internationally and in general, one of history’s worst presidents, is more important to the GOP for all but a few.

Their regard for the future of their children’s country pales in comparison to their own immediate future. It amazes me how their friends and family can let them get away with this. Do they allow their own children to lie? Do they condone their constituents to blow off subpoenas? Lie to the tax folks on the value of property? Cozy up to dictators? Even cheat at golf?

So we may never know how tall today’s GOP are as long as they grovel at the “whatever” of Trump. As always, God, please bless America. We need it.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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