Letter: GOP leaves little room to work through divisions

After reading the column entitled, “We must work through divisions,” in the Pilot last Wednesday, I was inspired to take up the challenge. The first few paragraphs led me to believe it came from a community first, justice for all, peace loving, altruistic citizen. But, at the end, to my surprise and shock, it was from the Routt County Republican Central Committee.

This is not the Republican Party line that I am familiar with. In fact, it is almost the exact opposite of their actions and words. How can we work through our divisions when the Republican Party has called Covid a hoax, denied Joe Biden won, denied women the right to choice, refused to wear masks and receive vaccines, contributed to the deaths of one million Americans, allowed guns to be easily available to kill our children, denied the right to vote to those who don’t support their candidates, refused to pass the Build Back Better bill extending child care credits again, leaves the middle class with little help while giving large tax breaks to the wealthiest 10%, fights against clean air and water for our communities, stacks the Supreme Court to promote their anti-democratic agenda, denies basic health benefits for Americans, denies global warming, supports injustices to Hispanics and African Americans and prevents children from having a safe and clean environment? This list could continue on and on.

If these actions in the past few years are not enough, Savannah Wolfson, who is running against Meghan Lukens for the Colorado State House seat in District 26 has stated that if elected she will introduce a bill that requires funerals for all abortions. How does one work through our divisions with a party that is so extreme while they are undermining our democracy and doing harm to our citizens, whether Democrats, Republicans or independents? There have to be more moderate and democratic Republicans, like Liz Cheney, who will step forward to end this insanity.

This reminds me of an old fable about the scorpion who asked the coyote to ferry it across the stream and then bites the coyote halfway across. As they both drown, the coyote asked the scorpion, Why? The scorpion replies. “That’s just who I am.”

Is this just an election ploy to polish up a tarnished image caused by all the above mentioned shameful attacks on our communities and our American democracy?

John Spezia

Steamboat Springs

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