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Letter: Even the weather responds to WinterWonderGrass

WinterWonderGrass will return to Steamboat Springs on Feb. 25-2. / Courtesy photo

Have you noticed? Every year WinterWonderGrass rolls around, not only is there a buzz of excitement in the air for being able to enjoy three-plus days of heart-felt, wonderful, down-to-earth music, but even the sky seems to bring blessings of colder temperatures and new snow. I specifically remember one winter when we had unusually warm temperatures for a couple of weeks in early February. Wondergrass came and… much colder temperatures prevailed.

Another WonderGrass, I specifically remember it unexpectedly snowing as Sam Bush started playing. I don’t believe snow had been in the forecast for that day, but it seemed to respond to Sam’s good-hearted music with a blessing.

I first heard bluegrass music more than 20 years ago now. It took me a long time to understand what was in bluegrass music that all these people, myself included, felt so drawn to and at home in. Over time I realized that somehow woven into the fabric of the sounds of this music were a lot of down-to-earth values, as many would call them.

The music seemed to carry sounds of community, connection between people, care for the land, a light-hearted fun, an unassuming-ness, and a feeling that all are valuable. The plethora of bluegrass jams in various places where people welcome all to come and play in a circle showcase the value for togetherness and making room for every sound and every person that the music in general promotes.

These down-to-earth values go against much of the focus of materialism, individual glory, and profit at the expense of community, and hierarchical thinking that leaders have more value than the creative ideas of the average person that much of our culture unfortunately carries. Our culture promotes these values as ideals and yet leaves people empty and lonely and the land even crying out for something different.

When something different comes to town, the hearts of so many are encouraged and even the weather responds with blessings. Let us take these values into everyday life in our family lives, educational thinking, business practices, government decisions and more, and help make Steamboat more and more the down-to-earth place many of us remember it to be. It seems even the weather will respond with further blessings of snow and rain as we work together for these good-hearted values.

Angie Gamble

Steamboat Springs

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