Letter: Dems’ attacks on Matt Solomon are out of line

The Democrats are desperate and it’s showing. The smear campaign launched against Senate District 8 candidate Matt Solomon is one launched by Democrat supported smear-merchants, “All Together Colorado.” Democrats can’t challenge Mr. Solomon on his policy ideas because their policies have been a disaster for Colorado and the Western Slope. Instead, they resort to blatant lies about Mr. Solomon’s character.

Democrats can’t challenge Mr. Solomon’s experience and success as a small businessman, so they lie about him refusing to conduct background checks on gun sales. The truth is, Mr. Solomon sued the state because the new law placed all liability on the business, while capping the allowable charge at a loss. He remained 100% compliant with the law and never transferred a firearm without conducting a background check.

Democrats can’t challenge Mr. Solomon’s experience and success as a member of the Eagle Town Council, so they lie about him not showing up for town council meetings. The truth is, he was working with the military at the time and was excused from those meetings. Even then, he still participated by reviewing meeting minutes and contributing his comments and recommendations.

Democrats also lie about Mr. Solomon “quitting” part way through his term on the town council. He wanted his seat to be filled via election by Eagle citizens, not an appointment by the council. So, Mr. Solomon was required to step down 90 days before the election to leave the choice to the voters.

The lies continue from All Together Colorado and the truth is, Matt Solomon’s opponent, Dylan Roberts doesn’t have a record worthy of support as House District 26 representative.

Democrat policies have been a disaster for Colorado, and they won’t even try to defend them; instead, they are spreading lies to smear the character of good people. The only thing they are making clear is that it’s time to bring honest, responsible leadership to Denver that will truly represent those the Western Slope. Elect Matt Solomon to represent Senate District 8, and vote the Republican ticket.

Pete Wood

Steamboat Springs

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