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Letter: Bringing in Paramount+ was a poor choice for our community 

Due to the fact that Steamboat Resort prides itself on sustainability, one has to wonder why in the world the resort allowed Paramount+ to set up operations at the base of the ski area.

This marketing extravaganza is a poster child for unsustainability. It is a huge traveling circus going from town to town with the sole purpose of promoting its business. This could be done in a much more sustainable manner, such as ads on TV or social media. This whole operation takes a great deal of energy and is incredibly wasteful. They gave our children free candy and adults free alcohol, many of them dressed in ski clothes ready to hit the slopes. They gave away an enormous amount of cheap plastic consumable items, such as sunglasses, fanny packs, scrunchies and goodie bags that are destined for the trashcan. All for what?

A resort spokesperson said it was, “… a cool opportunity for our guests to experience the network.” Why is the resort promoting this network? I thought they were in the ski industry. In my opinion, this was certainly not the type of experience the resort should be promoting. It does not fit their brand at all, nor does it benefit members of the community.

To make things worse, some of the Paramount+ employees went to neighboring businesses giving away free promo items and trying to lure patrons away with the promise of free alcohol in their tent. People were wandering around a local business with Paramount+ cups full of Paramount+ alcohol. This business is owned by longstanding members of the community. That behavior is outrageous.

In the future, the resort should make better decisions as to whom they invite into our community.

Janice Martin

Steamboat Springs

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