Letter: Abortion is not just a women’s issue

In a recent letter to the editor regarding gun violence, the writer states, “Your rights end where they infringe upon someone else’s right, which include the rights of children to have a full life.“

I don’t see where this statement applies to gun ownership because someone could legally own a firearm for protection and never need to use the weapon. If, on the other hand, there is a need for self defense or the defense of another person, the gun owner has every right to infringe on the one who is a threat with bodily harm or death.

I do think the statement referenced above applies quite aptly to abortion rights. Is the right of a woman to end her pregnancy greater than the right of a human fetus to continue his or her development and come into the world and have a full life?

Those in the pro-life movement would say no, and some women who have had abortions would also say no. I saw a woman on television being interviewed who said, “You know, the nine months of pregnancy would have been way easier than this 20 years of regret I’ve had.“ I don’t claim she speaks for everyone, but considering the millions of abortions that have occurred in America, I’m sure there many women and men who feel the same.

Abortion is not just a women’s issue, as is often expressed. There was only one woman in human history who became pregnant without a man. She was a young Jewish girl named Mary; I think we all know the story. I believe many men would step up to their responsibility if they were given the chance, but they are often excluded from the process.

For anyone struggling after an abortion experience, our local pregnancy resource center called “Selah” is there to help. There is also a resource called “Rachel’s Vineyard,” which has provided assistance to many over the years. Support, hope and peace are available. No one need carry a burden over regrets from the past.

Katherine Cain


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