Ken Collins: Too much sand |

Ken Collins: Too much sand

There’s the old joke: What do you have when the lawyers are buried up to their heads in sand? Not enough sand.

America’s problem is that we have too much sand. Sand is, apparently, all over D.C., and the GOP Congress has its collective head buried deep.

Every 24 hours, our POTUS shows his incompetence and insecurity and inability to speak the truth. Volumes can/are written on why this administration is a very bad joke for America. Defending it borders on disbelief.

We have now pretty much trashed the hope of any allies trusting us with Donald Trump’s latest Russian fiasco. And Tuesday’s revelation of the obstruction of justice with the requests to FBI Director James Comey dropping his investigation is another nail in the coffin.

Unfortunately, it won’t be the last nail needed because of the ongoing surgeries that are being preformed on the Congressional GOP. The surgery is, of course, the spine-ectomies that so far almost all members have had. (Maybe the ACA covers it.)

No matter what outrageous thing Trump says or does, even if it is illegal or unconstitutional or treasonous, the syncophants that are led by McConnell and Ryan, find it merely “troubling” or “unfortunate” or “disturbing.”

Obstruction of justice is an impeachable offense. With subpoenas starting to amass from the Russian connections involving nearly everyone in the administration, maybe there will finally be enough Republicans who still feel America is worth defending to stand up to a President who finds it easier to lie to us than hit a straight golf shot.

When Putin asked Trump to please show his two goons a good time in the Oval Office, and oh please, don’t allow any American press in and please fill them in with any secrets I might need to know, and Trump does it, that should have been enough for the GOP. Apparently not.

Since it will be a few days from writing this to its possible publishing, what other bombshell that threatens America our president will drop and the spineless GOP will be “disturbed” once again? Since some Trumpsters will follow him regardless of how much damage they refuse to believe he causes, one more old saying: When a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, it still makes a sound.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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