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Heather Sloop: Letter to the citizens

You voted for transparency and action in this year’s election, and I believe you have a right to gain a better understanding of my position regarding the police investigation report. I am going to list for you a timeline of events and my decisions surrounding them so you may have a better comprehension of who I am and what I stand for.

Tuesday, Dec. 1, 2015: the City Council went into executive session to discuss the criminal justice request, Chief Delong’s decision and related liability issues. During that meeting, and at no time have I or any other council members, past or present, been given any more information than the public has regarding reports three, four and five.

After we came out of executive session, Councilman Ford motioned to have Interim City Manager Gary Suiter release a summary report to the council and public. I did not comment on this as I was taken aback by the immediacy of a decision. In the prior two times which past council had gone into executive session, they made no decision on this topic, and I was unaware of the procedures regarding motions after these sessions. I was completely caught off guard by this.

Friday, Dec. 4: City Council members held their retreat. Discussions were had regarding when motions can occur during council meetings. I commented to council that I did not feel comfortable with the procedures surrounding the motion after the executive session surrounding Tuesday’s vote. During my campaign I made it clear that I did not want to feel hurried into a decision and that is what I felt took place Tuesday evening.

I also discovered that there was concern surrounding my flight lessons rendered by Bob DelValle.

Saturday, Dec. 5: I wrote a letter to City Council and sent it to the clerk to distribute to my fellow council members.

Sunday, Dec. 6: Julie Franklin, City Clerk emailed my letter to City Council members.

Monday, Dec. 7: I was traveling for work and was not able to return the newspapers calls.

Tuesday, Dec. 8: During our City Council meeting, I read aloud the letter I had written to

council on Saturday. I asked that council decide if I was in any way in conflict and apologized for my actions. Council unanimously stated that they believed in my integrity and that I in no way was compromised with the investigation. They did decide, due to the high level of attention this subject has on the city, to vote to recuse me of any decisions surrounding the investigation.

It also was made very clear at this meeting that no council members have any further knowledge of the details of the three, four, and five than anyone from the public.

As I have said in my campaign, I believe the city would be best suited to hire outside councilor or a retired judge to formulate an outcome, which the community can be rest assured will give certainty that all stones have been unturned. We don’t want history to repeat itself.

I believe in integrity and respect. I also believe in human mistakes and that they occur from time to time. The letter, which is attached online, details that I had in no way acted maliciously or with intent to taint council. I apologize to you, the citizens, and would ask that you reflect on my actions and hope you can gain a better understanding and clarity for my actions.

Heather Sloop

Steamboat Springs

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