Bill Wallace: Setting record straight |

Bill Wallace: Setting record straight

After seeing Dennis Brust’s commentary published in the Sunday Viewpoints section of the Steamboat Pilot & Today (United Nations interaction impacts US), I can only conclude that Dennis must have in his possession compromising photos of the Pilot’s editorial staff. Why else would the Pilot publish such silliness?  Dennis, Agenda 21 is not an agency of the United Nations. Agenda 21 is a publication, a plan of action born out of the 1992 Earth Summit meeting in Rio de Janeiro. The Earth Summit itself, sponsored by the United Nations, was born out of the Brundtland Commission report.  (Yep, just another publication.) That report concluded that the economies of nations are tied inextricably to the environment, and that if we humans want to have a future, we better understand that fact and act appropriately. The report said that economic development must be sustainable, meaning that this generation’s economic development must be done in a way that leaves enough resources and functioning ecosystems for the economic success of future generations. Makes good sense unless you don’t care about your kids and their kids.

At this initial Rio conference, 178 nations voted to adopt the plan. However, being sovereign nations mostly just looking out for themselves, they didn’t do very much. So, the United Nations held more meetings to try to get something going.  Enter Rio+5, Rio+10, Rio+20 — meetings of the world’s nations resulting in mostly the same story.  Not a lot getting done let alone world domination.

One initiative that did get some traction was the UN’s Millennium Development Goals.  Created in 2000 and agreed to by 189 nations, these are eight goals with specific targets to be achieved by 2015.

These goals focus on things like getting 2 billion poor people of the world out of extreme poverty and hunger, improving education and reducing child mortality. Pretty reasonable stuff.  It’s now 2015, and as you might have guessed, those targets were not fully met, although some good progress has been made. Now the United Nations is looking at new 2030 targets to help the poor.As for Agenda 21, yes it’s still out there as something people can read. But recognizing the futility of getting nations to work collaboratively on anything, it just sits, not as a United Nations blueprint for wresting control of our constitutional freedoms, but more as a wishful framework for human survival.

Bill Wallace

Steamboat Springs

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