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Letter: The one-sided systemic racism discussion is dangerous

In a recent article “Explore More: What to listen of movies and books to become a better ally to the black community,” Shelby Reardon treats us to a lengthy list of movies and books to enlighten her fellow non-Black Americans. What stands out is the absence of any studies referring to statistics and policies that support her conviction that there is systemic racism. Apparently, we should rely on story-telling only.

Please widen the dialog, Ms Reardon. Any interested American should consider this. What I would suggest to reach a fair dialog is: 

• Include voices of other black intellectuals and media figures, material authored by Black conservatives like Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Shelby Steele, Brandon Tatum or even fire-brand Candace Owens (why not)  

• Include the video library of prageru.com  that encapsulates these never-heard ideas and studies in short five-minute videos

Literally nobody is on the other side of the racism issue. We are listening. We wholeheartedly agree that police brutality is a huge problem, just not statistically.

We want to hear concrete examples of injustices we can act on, specifically in the area of systemic racism. How long do we have to wait until we get any? White Americans are yearning to engage in a debate, not being re-educated. You should take “Yes” for an answer. Big companies and prestigious colleges fall over one another to sign up talented black people.

We welcome a debate but open and based on fact and real-life stories and experiences. The mass media has failed us in that endeavor. 

Many however seem to prefer lecturing Americans endlessly about their so-called “implicit bias” or “white privilege” and have little interest in starting a fair debate around problem analysis and solution to affect  real life improvement in the lives of our fellow black Americans.  

This also would include questioning  the goals of organizations like Black Lives Matter. Among valuable goals, they advocate  openly  for horrific Marxist ideas. In particular BLM advocates,  to quote, “disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure,” basically  fatherless families when it is widely accepted that two-parent households are a key indicator of success of any young American.

It is dangerous to promote this narrow and politically  one-sided dialog that in the end questions the foundations of our nation. 

Juergen Kuhmann
Steamboat Springs

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