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Letter: The ’Canceled ’Ol Party’

Oh those Democrats — using the latest method to get their way: cancel culture, which Urban Dictionary defines as “to dismiss somebody or reject an individual or idea.”

According to the GOP, whose understanding of irony is rather shallow, the Dems are trying to dismiss our ex-POTUS along with other Republicans and their ideas.

That is understandable. They won the election, by millions. What the Red side doesn’t seem to grasp is they are asking those winners to “forgetta ’bout it” when the insurrection and violence spurred on by that loser, and even helped by some of their own Congresspeople, put people on both sides of the aisle in extreme danger. I believe when you are killed, you are technically “canceled.”

Sens. Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, et.al., encouraged the armed mob then defended them and now want the Dems to move on. Liz Cheney, of all Republicans, even tried to call them out, and of course, Matt Goetz flies to Cheyenne to get her canceled.

It is beyond understanding how the GOP, with the exception of a few sane members, can say one thing so blatantly stupid and then blame it on the other side. But, if you remember your history, Karl Rove was the guy who said to turn the accusations thrown at you and throw them back at them. That is one lesson the Republicans seemed to have absorbed and are practicing.

Maybe it is time for the Grand Ol’ Party to become the Canceled ol’ Party.

Ken Collins

Oak Creek

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