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Letter: Speaking out about safety of vaccines

Please allow me to offer a different perspective on Beth Melton’s opinion about vaccinating her 5 year old, “in order to help keep our community safe and healthy, we choose to be vaccinated.”

I am vaccine injured from the 1976 swine flu shot, which sent me to the hospital for several days. I was young, uninformed and ignorant and felt coerced into doing what public service advertised: “Get a shot of protection, the swine flu shot.”

It became the mission of then-President Gerald Ford to vaccinate every American — man, woman and child — with brisk efficiency. I have paid a steep price since with numerous health issues. Never again will I be shamed into taking a vaccine or medicine for the good of my community. This does not make me an “anti-vaxxer” but has given me courage to speak out about the safety of vaccines.

Different than Beth Melton who “followed the developments on pediatric vaccines with bated breath over the past few months,” I have been researching, contributing, lobbying and educating myself and others about vaccine safety for both children and adults since 1976.

When my oldest daughter turned 5, I was in a local physician’s office and presented with statistics on a sheet of paper that I was to sign concerning harm that may be caused with the vaccine(s). After a brief conversation with the physician, and from my perspective, I declined that vaccine. Over the years, I declined some of the other 11 shots for my three children (to be spaced out between the ages of 2 months and 16 years to protect against seven diseases). I’m happy to report that my children remain healthy today.

I urge all of you to be informed about the studies, safety and necessity of vaccinating your young children to “take care of others.” Do your research, ask questions and come to your own conclusions.

And, to all of you who have like-minded views, I urge you to speak up and be heard. Stop preaching to the choir and let your educated voices be heard in a respectful manner. The choice is yours, so make the best one possible.

Linda Carlton

Steamboat Springs

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