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Letter: Proof of vaccination should be required


I am an essential worker.

I am fully vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine as of March 12.

Over the past year, I have worn a surgical mask to protect my customers, my family and myself.

For about the past month, I have worked maskless, and it was glorious to speak clearly and not have my glasses fogged up all the time.

I am back to wearing a mask because of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 delta variant. Not so much here in Routt County but in the rest of the country, where our many tourists originate. I have no idea whether or not they are contagious with the delta variant. The fact that many are maskless is unsettling, so I wear a mask.


And it is hacking me off.

Increasingly, other countries around the world, as well as hospitals, state governments, athletic teams, restaurants, bars, cruise ships and retail outlets are getting hard-nosed about the situation and the sheer nonsense of millions of people denying the reality of COVID-19 and refusing to get vaccine shots for a wide and bizarre litany of lies, excuses and exaggerations.

For example, I have a distant in-law who is in the hospital with the COVID-19 delta variant, struggling to breathe. Yet she insists to her doctors and nurses that it isn’t COVID-19 but merely pneumonia.

Guess who she voted for. Guess what news sources have her attention.

Many hard-nosed people are demanding vaccine passports or a clean bill of health established within the current week. I believe that to curb the rapid and deadly spread of the COVID-19 delta variant, local, state and national governments should demand proof that people are either vaccinated or cleared of the disease within the past week. I believe that businesses should do the same.

If you can’t show a valid passport or test result at the door, you either wear a mask, or you don’t get in.

And if you insist on going to church, a political rally or gathering where everyone is maskless and celebrating the freedumb to get sick and die, have at it. Go ahead and run your massive experiment where tough guys and gals can defy epidemiology and medical science, and by sheer will and determination, never get sick. Go ahead and listen only to Fox Noise, NewsMax and OAN.

Just don’t kill kids and grandparents.


Brodie Farquhar


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