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Letter: Pennysaver with pictures

If you are reading this letter to editor, it’s probably because you searched, as the editor seems to only put liberal-leaning letters on the home page, I thank you.

This letter is probably going to come off as mean and harsh, that’s how it’s intended. I call Steamboat Pilot & Today the Pennysaver with Pictures because they employ writers who more resemble copywriters than journalists. I say this because when you read an article, you feel it’s a news release, and you are always wanting more facts and hoping more questions were answered.

What has prompted me to make these comments is how they are presenting the COVID stories. We read the headline of “Hospitalizations more frequent” but do we learn age, amount, seriousness or length of stay? No, just a news release probably from county health.

Looking at yesterday’s new cases, 11, that comes up to .00043% of the population of Routt County. That fact is not written about or any facts or statistics given in articles about COVID cases. They seem to follow “the sky is falling” narrative and do more to scare people than give useful information. So people lack information to make their own decisions.

We have visited many restaurants this summer, and they have done a great job of handling their restrictions. Has the paper investigated and reported how many COVID cases have resulted from dining out? No, that would be the job of journalists.

We are now in Florida, which has a .00047% new daily cases, and restaurants are near capacity, and kids are in school. The Routt County Board of Commissioners are rewarding the big companies while destroying the locally owned businesses. Why don’t they restrict the big markets from selling prepared and frozen meals, so that business can be picked up by local businesses? Why don’t they insist that those big companies subsidize from their increased profits some of the local food establishments? (Trust me, I am an avowed capitalist, but when government favors one business over the other, I object.)

The Pilot & Today is asking for donations. Maybe if they became the place to go for facts and additional accurate information, they wouldn’t have to ask rather than relying on a pennysaver business model.

Robert Nestora

Steamboat Springs/Florida

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