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Letter: OTHS, swim team help kids be their best

While the COVID-19 pandemic has put our children’s lives in a tailspin, swimming at Old Town Hot Springs has been a constant. Day in and day out, the coaches and OTHS have supported the Steamboat Springs swim team by providing access to water, motivating practices, a safe environment and a place where kids can just be kids. But this commitment to swimming is nothing new; in fact, OTHS has been supporting the hard work and amazing achievements of our swim team swimmers for over 40 years.

We have seen our swimmers go to statewide competitive meets, earn scholarships to swim in Division 1 colleges and have even continued on to the Olympics, but there are a lot of swimmers who simply join the team to learn something new, to be with their friends and to keep in shape. No matter the reason, the Steamboat swim team and OTHS have welcomed our children and given them the opportunity to become the best version of themselves.

It is now time to help OTHS become the best version that it can for this community.

The legal pool depth to hold a swim meet has changed over the years, and our current pool has only three legal lanes that are deep enough. When practicing for meets, the importance of swimming in legal lanes is paramount to success and being able to have a hometown advantage through local meets would provide a boost to the team that often does not receive much community recognition.

We also know that OTHS has maxed out its space to meet the diverse needs of this community. At one point during this pandemic, the swim team was meeting in the wee hours of the morning, before OTHS even opened, to allow the community maximum swimming time. Lanes are being constantly juggled to allow for swimming exercise, swim lessons, exercise classes and swim team practices. It is time for there to be more available water so that everyone can take advantage of the benefits of this natural and precious resource.

We ask that the community take a look at OTHS’ “It’s In The Water” capital campaign and spread the word about this important project. It will provide a legal-sized lap pool so that the swim team can hold meets, as well as provide much needed extra space so that everyone in this community has the opportunity to get in the pool as much as our children do. Thank you.

Patti Worsley, Kelsey Higgins, Blake and Cole Worsley, Brian and Heather Sullivan, Craig and Susan Seitz, Andrea Kortas and family, Ryan Connelly, Patrick Madden, Audrey Earley, Mark and Stacy Genereux, Carolyne Maul, Peter and Heather Sloop, Ralph and Kelly Pickett, Joanne Orce, Sandy Bourn, James Knapp, Avrom Feinberg, Erica Gallagher, Diana Hornung, Kerri Anne Crocker, Stephanie O’Reilly, Mona Gibson, Don Worsley, Abigail Herfurtner, Courtney and Richard Kassar, Dan, Tasha and Talia Barella, Bryan and Keri Ladrow, Marie Ross, Chad Garrett, Brittney Wilburn, Carson Keller, Jason and Lindsey Garey, Michael and Susan Madigan, Skip and Kate Warnke, Catie Thomas, Fergus Thomas, Terri Chapman, Phil and Carrie Rawlins and Lisa and Anna Schumacher

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