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Letter: More information about Steamboat’s fall learning plans requested

We are writing as concerned parents of the Steamboat Springs School District and are seeking your assistance regarding the plans for fall learning by June 10 for the following areas:


The current executive order set to expire June 1 releases children from masking if the teacher/caregiver is fully vaccinated. The Steamboat Springs School District has a vaccination rate of approximately 95% for educators. Therefore, 95% of classrooms should currently contain unmasked children. The school district has made the decision to keep students masked through the end of the school year, which is unacceptable to the parents writing this letter.

We are formally requesting clarification to the following three items regarding this statement:

1) Which entity specifically will the school district rely upon in the 2021-22 school year for any mandates regarding masking and in-person learning?

2) By which specific date will any mandates for the upcoming school year be announced?

3) Where will the formal document of the school district’s plan for the 2021-22 school year for masking, in-person learning and quarantine be located for parents of the school district to view and make comment and by which specific date?


Please provide documentation of:

1) The school district’s policy in accordance with FERPA for the disclosure of COVID-19 vaccination status of students to other students and staff members, and any “break the glass” access authorized by the school district

2) District policy for mask wearing in the school year 2021-22 for unvaccinated students

It is clear from Gov. Jared Polis’ messaging and the Centers for Disease Control that the increased risks to students’ health of unnecessary mask wearing and the risk to the long-term social determinants of health by continuing mandates are implications we are fully prepared to address legally with the school district.

As parents, we do not believe we should be paying property taxes to the school district, which does not demonstrate a sense of urgency regarding our children’s health, nor do we believe the school district is operating under the directives of the Governor’s Office to return to learn without masking immediately and ensure masking will not be required unless explicitly ordered by the entity identified by June 10.

We have obtained a list of parents who will be reviewing the responses identified in this letter to determine whether their students will be attending Steamboat Springs School District for the 2021-22 school year or withdrawing from the school district. It is imperative to give parents an opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their students’ health and educational needs.

On behalf of parents and taxpayers,

Rachael Jacobson

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