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Letter: Live and let live

Perhaps you subscribe to a story which guides you to believe that I am “not doing my civic duty” when I refuse vaccination. If you are a Christian, you might believe that I will be refused eternal life if I do not accept Jesus Christ as my savior. This is America. You have the right to believe any set of stories you wish. What you do not have the right to do is force your religion upon me.

The belief that vaccination is the correct path for all is a religious belief. A shocking amount of science demonstrates potential dangers from this shot that don’t present immediately, such as antibody dependent enhancement, fertility issues, heart inflammation and neurological problems. Studies have not been done to determine the actual odds. At this point, most people are making their vaccination decisions based upon where they choose to place their faith. This is the definition of religion.

People are not considering an actual analysis of complete data when deciding to take a COVID-19 vaccine. Critical data has yet to be collected. Previous animal studies that were done during attempts at past coronavirus vaccines killed the animals due to antibody dependent enhancement. Pfizer and Moderna omitted such animal studies from their trials.

We need years of observation before we can know whether any of the previously seen problems will materialize. Deaths following vaccination are not being tracked, so we are not able to obtain real time information either. The current risks to the majority of the community from this virus are low. Worldwide, 0.23% of infected people die. The risks from the shot are plentiful, and, as vaccinated people still die, the benefits are questionable.

Each individual brings to society a unique set of experiences and education. A person’s religion, or lack thereof, often has a great influence over his interpretation of his life. The beauty of America is that we are allowed the free exercise of faith. No other person’s faith may prohibit me from following mine as I see fit.

I believe this mass vaccination is creating a health threat to my children, but I would not stop another individual from doing for himself what he believes is best. And no one has the right, in America, to coerce me into acting against my lawful beliefs. Our commissioners, and many in our community, need to understand this.

Clare Sibley

Steamboat Springs

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