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Letter: Let’s have a substantive debate then

This letter is in response to John Spezia’s letter published April 6 in Steamboat Pilot & Today entitled, “’Cancel culture’ is typical GOP response.”

Mr. Spezia emphasizes the need for substantive debate, so by all means, let’s go ahead and have that debate to discuss the facts and reason out the claim that the new Georgia election bill is intended as voter suppression to reduce voter turnout for people of color. After all, we do need to decide if mainstream media, the MLB, certain corporations — and now letters to the editor — are engaging in tactics more akin to bullying and propaganda than substantive objection to policy decisions.

In a piece published March 30, The Washington Post gave President Joe Biden’s remarks regarding voting hours in the new Georgia voting bill a full “Four Pinocchios,” confirming the president’s claim about ending voting hours before the end of a normal shift for working class individuals was flat out fabricated. Glad we cleared that one up and credibility points to the Post; let’s hope they continue to do their job.

Then there are the changes to ballot drop boxes. Turns out the drop boxes used in the 2020 election did not exist a year ago but will now be an official part of elections in all 159 Georgia counties in locations under supervision to protect against tampering. Seems like a good idea. Hopefully, the convenience and security will be something Georgia voters will enjoy, especially those of color.

How about electioneering (food and water distribution) and targeted changes to reduce wait times and hold local election officials accountable for such? Here, we have changes to bring Georgia more in line with states like Colorado and elsewhere — hmm, no racism yet.

Oh, but what about ID requirements for absentee ballots — now we might be onto something. Tell me, why is requiring an ID to vote racist when boarding a plane and buying a beer isn’t? Or for that matter, the apparent lack of racism in the dozens of other scenarios where ID is required?

If there are external reasons, such as access, that result in people of color having a more difficult time obtaining identification then let’s discuss and correct those issues — proper identification is important for several reasons, not just voting. Otherwise, a statement to the effect that people of color are less likely to have IDs in and of itself contains subtle racism in the bigotry of low expectations.

Tyler Goodman

Grand Junction

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