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Letter: Let them play

I think we can all agree that COVID-19 is a terrible threat to the health of millions of Americans.

To a lesser extent, we can agree on what actions need to be taken to reduce the spread.

It seems that Steamboat Springs has done a pretty good job at that. We got through a busy summer in good shape, but now we are seeing a significant rise in cases. Steamboat Pilot & Today and the high school focused on a “super spreader” Halloween party as a major contributor to this. The stats published in the Pilot on Nov. 10 do not support this. As we increase restrictions on business and more importantly our children, we should consider what is at stake relative to some facts.

COVID-19 is very dangerous for older and health-compromised people. COVID-19 is not very dangerous to those under 40.

The high school is closed, and all sports activities have been canceled. Research indicates drastic increases in abuse, depression, suicide and drug use among high school-aged kids during the pandemic.

A full lockdown is unnecessary and really damaging. We are overreacting in the case of children.

What we are taking away from these high school kids is irreplaceable. They need to be allowed to continue living their lives. While I agree that parties and other large gatherings are ill advised, let’s not go too far.

I can understand the temporary school closure as due to staffing, etc. I cannot understand the canceling of high school sports.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am not aware of any cases of team sports in Steamboat where there has been a “super spread.” A team is comprised of a limited number of players and coaches. They can be isolated in a “cohort” and monitored.

Isn’t it a family decision whether or not they feel safe in a team environment? If families have someone at risk, they can choose not to participate. Their activities are no risk to anyone but themselves and their families.

My high school memories center around my friends and sports. It isn’t the games of the competition that I look back on. It is the time spent together, teamwork and simple fun.

You do not get a second chance at this. For the sake of their emotional and mental health, do not deprive these kids of those great memories that we all take for granted. Let them play.

David Hoffman

Steamboat Springs

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