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Letter: Latest gun control proposal penalizes the law abiding

Zach Miliavitz’s recent letter regarding gun violence calls upon our elected officials “to do something that works.” Curiously, he offers no suggestions as to what that “something” might be. He also maintains that no one is trying to ban guns. Color me skeptical.

Consider U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s latest brainstorm, H.R. 127. Among its many provisions:

• It mandates a publicly accessible registry of all gun owners, disclosing all guns in the home and where they are located.

• Criminalizes anyone who fails to pay for the privilege of being put on that registry.

• Anyone wanting to buy a gun or ammunition must first be examined by a federally approved psychiatrist. The psych eval includes other members of the household, relatives and associates, and current and former spouses.

• If the owner of an antique firearm (like my 1898 bolt action 30-40 Krag–Jørgensen) wants to show it to you, I would need an expensive federal license. Just to let you look at it.

• Violating any of these provisions could result in prison time and fines of $50,000 to $150,000.

There are already thousands of federal, state and local gun control statutes on the books. Yet criminals and the deranged are still able to arm themselves. It’s almost as if they have no regard for the law. Indeed, Jackson Lee’s registry would show the bad guys where all the guns are.

As with most gun control initiatives, H.R. 127 does nothing but burden and penalize the law abiding. Anyone who doesn’t understand that a disarmed citizenry is the left’s endgame is either ignorant or delusional or both.

Brian Kotowski


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