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Letter: Keep it going, Routt County

Dear editor and Routt County community,

Many of you know me as a “graduated” Soda Creek Elementary School teacher, mother of Jasper and Aleck, wife of Matthew, co-creator of North Routt Community Charter School, ski instructor and so on. Recently, in addition to becoming a grandma, I had the honor of enumerating for the U.S. Department of Commerce, Census Bureau, and I have to say from the largest house in North Routt to our trailer parks, we have exceptional people living in our beautiful scenic community.

Out of over 300 doors that I knocked on, only three decided they didn’t want to participate in our constitutionally mandated census. Nearly everyone was receptive, and some even helped beyond their civic duty to ensure we had an as accurate as possible count from their neighbors.

To every last one of you, I am grateful. You made my masked and hand-sanitized job so enjoyable. You’ve got to agree that’s an amazing statistic individually and collectively. What more can we ask of our neighbors but to be positive and to participate? I can’t speak for all census workers, but I am so happy and grateful to live in a community such as ours.

Remember, too, that for every negative thought sitting right beside it is a positive thought. That’s a scientific law of polarity. The magic word about that polarity is “attitude.”

What do we choose to attract, to believe, to broadcast? The negative or the positive — we have a choice. We have a mental decision each day, even each moment, to believe in each other’s positive best or negative worst. During these challenging times, I’ve seen it over and over in the grocery stores, on the street, on Zoom meetings — smiling eyes and positive muffled wishes of well-being.

Keep it going, Routt County. Never stop believing, without doubt, in the power of a positive thought-driven community to attract more health and well-being into our experience. I believe in us. I believe in our good. Are we just victims of a pandemic? Could we create a safe haven of health?

Wearing masks and social distancing, of course. However, is it possible that no measure really works unless we also believe in our God-given health and choose to stand up for great attitudes every moment of every day? Impossible? What’s the alternative? You decide.

Let’s make a decision collectively to keep healthy. Again, I am so happy and grateful to live in a community such as ours.

All the best,

Cindy Gantick

Steamboat Springs

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